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Everyone is welcome to blog here but they are rules and we don't talk about all of them. Basically, as this is our website blog, we do reserve the right to not publish a blog submission if we don't think it is right for this website, please don't take this personally if it happens as it is a pretty subjective thing. The things we won't allow on our main website are covered on our terms and conditions and these also apply to the blog. No profanity or obscenity, no spamming, no illegal software and the blog must be about health or nutrition. Don't make medical claims unless you are qualified and can back it up with links to the research. No adult subjects or sexual references allowed and no promotion of specific product, we don't allow hyperlinks apart from the one to your main website, Facebook page etc. Only one allowed. No advertising allowed. We won't remove any of this, we just won't publish the blog, sorry. You have the copyright to your blog, we won't use it without your permission.
We advise you add a Bio to your first blog so that people know who you are. We will send a confirmation email to the email address you submit, if we don't get a reply within 24 hours we will delete your blog. make sure the blog is free of spelling errors and the grammar is reasonable, must be in good quality English. Apart from that, we look forward to your blog.
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